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Lake Iseo and Montisola

...Sebino and its largest island...

The view from the road or the motorway that flank the lake is truly wonderful. The waters of Lake Sebino (more commonly called Lake Iseo) gently lap two shores — the Bergamo and the Brescia sides — that seem to contain it like a goblet holds the wine. A pristine landscape, affording a relaxation that contrasts with the vitality of its industrious inhabitants. A lake for lovers of nature and beauty to feel strongly connected with the environment; ideal for holidays, weekends or even to enjoy their retirement. Younger people will find a lake that offers thousands of fun activities, visits to churches and museums, and the chance to discover an ancient culture.

In fine weather, the roads are frequented by cyclists who, while keeping one eye on the road, drink in the views of the landscape. The blue lake fills with sails, and yachts and motor boats traverse it, making their way to the three jewels that emerge from the water. Montisola, the largest lake island in Europe and among the hundred most beautiful villages in Italy, stands guard over the much smaller other two, the islands of San Paolo and Loreto. Two wonders to circumnavigate and observe closely.

Montisola, an island without cars, is quiet and peaceful, welcoming tourists and inviting them to stroll along its shores. They can stop to visit the Museum of Nets, or the Archetti Ercole Shipyard which works with passion and absolute dedication at the construction of wooden boats. Thanks to these master woodworkers, a true maritime tradition is being continued. An invigorating walk takes one to the summit where the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Ceriola touches the sky. After so much effort to reach it, one is greeted by a wonderful spectacle: the lake, and the mountains that surround it, in all their splendour. The island can also be enjoyed by bicycle, which can be rented at the hotel. And one should not forget to taste and buy salami and dried sardines, those exquisite typical products of Montisola.

Lake Iseo offers ample tourist possibilities but maintains its purity, and offers it to the tourist who wants to regain control of time, leaving stress and everyday life behind. There is a marriage between the earth and sky, water and greenery, flowers and animals that exist in perfect harmony. This is a place where the modernity of hotels, businesses and shops is combined with the true traditions of a wise and productive land — offering the best of food, oil and wines that maintain the high standards of past times. A land of abundance, which gives tourists and inhabitants ample opportunity to discover and rediscover its values and flavours.

Places to relax even while working, and to reveal to those who are not yet aware of such beauty. True, it is not as famous as other nearby lakes. Perhaps that is why it has kept its special energy intact, appealing to those who appreciate it — people endowed with sensitivity who are in harmony with the magic it expresses, as it gives them unforgettable days that end in flamboyant and unique sunsets.

DISTANCE FROM HOTEL: from five minutes
TIME ON FOOT: from two hours

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