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Brescia and the Santa Giulia Museum

...Brescia, city of history, art and culture...

Unique in Italy and Europe for its exhibition design and venue, the city's Museum of Santa Giulia was established in a monastic complex of Lombard origin. It allows one to journey through the history, art and spirituality of Brescia, from prehistoric times to today, in an area of about 14,000 square metres. Built on an area which was occupied in Roman times by important villas, it includes the Longobard (or Lombard) basilica of San Salvatore and its crypt, the Romanesque oratory of Santa Maria in Solario, the Coro delle Monache, the sixteenth-century church of Santa Giulia and its cloisters. Here you will discover a unique Brescia that will fascinate you from the first moment.

Brescia is also known as the 'Lioness of Italy', a name given to it by Aleardi but made famous by Carducci, for the courage with which it fought against the Austrians during the battle of the Ten Days of Brescia. It is considered one of the most beautiful and ancient cities of Italy, rich in art and history. Brescia is an example of a city that has developed continuously for about three thousand years, characterised by different architectural styles over the centuries. The important artistic and archaeological heritage that constitutes its historic centre ranges from the ancient to the contemporary age, some of it being of global importance.

Among the religious architecture of Romanesque, Gothic, Baroque or Neoclassical origins we would point out the Old Cathedral and the New Cathedral, the church of the Santissimo Corpo di Cristo (known as the Sistine Chapel of Brescia) and the church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli. Among the lay buildings, worthy of note are the Piazza della Loggia with its palace, the Broletto Palace in Piazza del Duomo, Palazzo Martinengo, the Teatro Grande, the railway station and Piazza Vittoria, not forgetting the Castle, and the Piazza del Foro with the imposing ruins of the Capitolium and the adjacent Roman theatre... with all the hidden beauties around each corner of the centre, perhaps a day won't be enough to admire all the splendour of this city!

TIME ON FOOT: from four hours

  • From 1 October to 15 June: from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm (ticket office closes at 4:30 pm)
  • From 16 June to 30 September: from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10:30 am to 7:00 pm (ticket office closes at 6:00 pm), Wednesday
  • Entrance with thematic visit starting at 7:00 pm and at 8:30 pm, closed every working Monday

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