Once upon a time…

The story of the most prestigious hotel on the lake

The reason behind the name Araba Fenice (Arabian Phoenix) or the person that inspired the symbol of this mysterious and mythological bird, is unknown. For those that dare to hypothesise on the origins of this choice of name refer back to an ancient link with Venice in the time of the nobel family of Fenaroli of Pilzone, faithful and stout defender of the “Serenissma” in the 1300. In official and historic documents, the name of the hotel “La Fenice” appears instead in the period during the “Italian Reunification,” as a point of patriotic reunion in February 1848. In fact, a couple of blocks from here a memorial stone, according to the famous historian Gabriele Rosa, is testimony to the fact that this area was involved in the first wave of the Lombardan Revolution.

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