Golfo dei Fiori Room

The ample spaces, the elegance and beauty of the ceilings, the large windows facing the lake, from which one can admire the spectacular views, makes this the ideal location for business meetings and reunions, art exhibitions, concerts, wedding ceremonies and many other cultural events, all in a 240 square metre climate controller space.

The unique beauty of the Conference Hall lends a warm and welcoming feel to any type of event, whilst the Hotel terrace which wraps around the space and overlooks the lake provides an informal gathering space around the events themselves. The Conference Hall has the capacity to hold up to 150 people where the 43 rooms in the hotel can be made available to accommodate the groups participating in the meetings, conferences and other cultural events. The services offered can be extended to include the possibility to lunch and dine at a pre-determined rate at the “Bella Iseo” restaurant, as well as spaces where light refreshments and buffets can be served, thus allowing us to provide a complete package to suit your needs.

Its ample spaces, the beauty and elegance of its ceilings, the large ceilings facing onto the lake have over time allowed the space to live numerous “lives”.

From Casino during the “Belle Époque” to a multi-functional hall.


The equipment included in the meeting room “Golfo dei Fiori” is:
loose sheet whiteboard, overhead projector with VGA/ RCA/ HDMI connection, trolley large screen 3m x 3m, nr. 3 professional wireless microphones, Nr. 3 gooseneck wireless microphones, nr. 1 wireless tie clip microphone, mixer with 12 audio inputs for PC connection from various points of the meeting room, laser pointer with integrated slide Windows scroll button, DVD/DivX reader, audio, internet WI-FI connection , stationery, water. Other equipment on demand.


• Exhibition

• Auditorium layout

(Max. 120 people)
• Educational layout

(Max. 80 people)
• U shape layout

(Max. 60 people)
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